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Joy is a radical act.

"Your capacity for joy matches your capacity for grief."


Megan is a global FACILITATOR, SPEAKER and HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATE, leading the JOY REVOLUTION as a radical key to FREEDOM. Megan helps REDEFINE JOY and REFRAME PAIN so that anyone can live an EMBODIED, FULFILLING and AUTHENTIC LIFE.

Humanity is in a mental health crisis stemming from disconnection. Megan creates a bridge between science and spirit, mind and body, pain and pleasure. She blends cutting-edge psychology with ancient ritual to help people connect with their inner wisdom. Megan believes that freedom is found where the science and the sacred meet.




Shira Lazar

Emmy-nominated host, interviewer and content creator covering social media, AI, Web3 and digital wellness - Founder of What's Trending and co-founder of Peace Inside Live

" I am so proud of and always so impressed by Megan and everything that she does. I am grateful to have this women in my life to call me forth. I never have to worry when Megan is involved! She is so impressive as a speaker, organizer and leader. Megan energizes me and constantly expands my possibilities. She is a reliable, quality  person... and that's, honestly, so rare. She is living, breathing mindfulness.    "

Work with Megan

"Megan's truth will get under your skin, tickle your brain and heal your heart. Her holistic approach makes connection cool again. " - Insider LA


"As a filmmaker, Megan is a master at using the power of genre [comedy/horror] and stylized visuals to comment on important social issues in entertaining and thought-provoking ways. She fiercely tackles tough subjects, and always does so in a way that makes the audience feel less alone. If you enjoy a good laugh and a good think, look no further. " - The Film Journal