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Unblock Your Bliss Mindset: A Workbook

Unblock Your Bliss Mindset: A Workbook


Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life! In this workbook we go over the importance of mindset and what drives us. After getting friendly with the ID, the EGO and the SUPEREGO we get to analyze our behaviors. Yay!.. Though it is through looking at our "weaknesses" and subconscious habits that we are able to take back our power. Then we have many opportunities to jot down what's holding us back and CHANGE our mindset, turning our weakness into STRENGTH. End the comparing, build the confidence and take the first step toward total life domination!.. the good kind.



6 Workbook Pages for identifying, facing, shifting and empowering your mindset into deeper self love, self discovery and self actualization. NBD.


5 pages of Educational Material & a Book Recomendation.

-spoiler alter: It's "Mindset The New Psychology of Success, How we can Learn To Fulfil out Potential."

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