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Mental Health + Wellness

Hosting, Speaking & Consulting

Megan has been a tv-host, mindfulness educator and producer in digital content, film  & events for over a decade, while launching her own company, Find Your Joy, and developing 5+ tech startup's in wellness. 

Work with Megan

  • Consulting, advising and coaching packages.

  • Virtual & in-person wellness classes, workshops and retreats.

  • Speaking and moderating talks in person or virtually (see more).

  • On-air host, interviewer, event MC and spokesperson.

  • Community building through influencer marketing,
    partnerships and events.

  • Biz dev, branding, wellness & content strategy consulting.

  • Design & build curriculum, programming & trainings that create more compassionate cultures in offices, schools and communities.

  • Corporate workshop/Brainstorm facilitation (Let's jam!).

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Speaking and moderating talks
(in person or virtually)




Mental Health & Well-being: Strategies for stress management, mental resilience, mindfulness, creating a healthy work-life balance, radical honesty, cultivating peace through conflict, benefits of child-like wonder and play, gratitude as a gateway to freedom and appreciation as the antidote to suffering.

Community & Connection: Community building, the importance of kindness, sharing empathy, the possibilities of collective healing, creating conscious events that deepen connection to self and others.

Personal Development & Growth: Mindset, resilience, motivation, re-building self-trust & self-love from self-abandon and self-hate, murder people pleasing & perfectionism, the bliss of boundaries.

Consciousness & Sustainability; Personal & Environmental

Communication & Conflict Resolution: Effective communication & listening skills, storytelling and improving presence

Social-Emotional learning & intelligence: building confidence, self-love, self-trust and mental mastery

Wellness and Equity: Creating safe space, fostering inclusive workplaces, embracing diversity.


Women: in Business, in Film, in Femme-tech and leadership! Addressing boundaries, burnout and advocating for yourself with joy.

Leadership: Effective leadership strategies, Intimacy & Empathy, transforming struggles into opportunities for growth,

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