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Joy Anarchist

Mindset Master & Self-Love Leader

Socially Conscious Experience Creator

🔥 I love inspiring women - I even made an award winning film about it called Shevenge!

🎤 I live in Los Angeles and I am a multi-multi-hyphenate. You can't put baby in a box!

😭 I've been known to cry watching commercials.

🔓 Though my last name really is JOY, it has been my hardest lesson.

🎉  Yes, I am very joyful.

👑 Currently: COO at a femme-tech health-tech start-up... and that's nothing on my hyphen scale.


Megan Lee Joy is an experiential artist, wellness thought leader, and positivity producer here to brainwash humanity into bliss. She has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and has developed over 5 wellness and health-tech startups. Megan believes in the alchemical wisdom that we can all distill goodness, grace, and grit from even the most terrible of experiences. She is a mindfulness expert, somatic practitioner, and founder of Find Your Joy productions. Megan designs and develops transformational programs, curriculum, and technology. Find Your Joy is a TV series, a movement, and a system of being. Megan combats toxic positivity and preaches the acceptance and importance of all emotions. Her workshops and experiences uniquely allow one to feel seen and heard through mindfulness, music, experiential therapy, and community connection. She is a mystical, multi-disciplinary star fairy, whose purpose has always been to bring humanity into deeper communion with themselves and others. Megan helps others to find and experience freedom (aka Joy) through new experiences and perspectives… backed by science and sprinkled with a f*load of magic.

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Megan Lee Joy is a Hollywood actress, performer, and producer turned Wellness Warrior. She is a speaker, trauma-informed somatic practitioner, and empathy expert who has dedicated her life to supporting individuals in awakening their spirit through self-love practices involving meditation, movement, music and media. Megan believes that human potential is a “forever practice” of continual growth and joyful acceptance.

Megan's passion for art and inspiring others shines through her work. She believes that art should show the world as changeable and actively contribute to that change. As a speaker, she reframes pain and redefines joy, empowering future generations to choose an intentional life filled with purpose and authenticity.  By shattering self-limiting beliefs and empowering personal freedom, Megan’s wisdom changes the way we connect to pain and perceive joy in every momen. Through storytelling, experiential therapy, and somatic practices, Megan creates a safe and humorous space for people to connect with their true selves and find deep communion with their souls. Her wisdom encourages individuals to connect to their body's wisdom, and leave feeling deeply inspired to transform struggles into opportunities for growth and peace.


Megan's enthusiasm, energy, and optimism extend beyond her personal journey. She applies these qualities to develop winning strategies for herself and those around her. With a diverse skill set encompassing business development, project management, content creation, marketing, sales, and so much more, Megan has been involved in the development of multiple startups. Her expertise extends to various industries, including product and service, health-tech, entertainment, and mental health and wellness, all with the common goal of creating a more conscious world. 


As a somatic mindfulness expert and leadership coach, she brings empathy and intention to consumer-facing products, corporate teams, and individuals worldwide. Her breadth of skills make her an invaluable unicorn at any stage of a project or business.


From a young age, Megan displayed her talents as an artist, anthropologist, and thought leader. Always curious, seeking ancient mystical knowledge and nerding out over philosophy’s deep questions and theories. She pursued acting, singing, and dance, and later studied theater in England before settling in Los Angeles. Megan's teaching career began in BT and ABA, where she utilized scriptwriting and role-playing to help participants practice and embody mindfulness and social skills. For decades, she has immersed herself in the entertainment industry producing, developing, programming and branding for film, TV, and digital media projects, as well as corporate, non-profit, and educational spaces, where she facilitates expansive empathy workshops.


Throughout her adolescence and young adulthood, Megan struggled with anxiety and escapism, which ultimately led to a lack of self-worth. By the age of 30, she realized she was OVER IT and needed to prioritize her own healing journey before she could continue to make a positive impact on the world. It was less Eat pasta's, Pray in Tibet, Love all over the world and more Eat plant medicine, detach Praying from religion, and Love herself into celibacy! Being able to come back into herself, her awareness and most importantly, her body is what cracked her wide open! In the best possible way. What even was living before this?! This self-discovery and transformation opened her up to a new way of living, where her inner attunement led to outer attainment, as everything she had ever ask for started coming her way.


For the past nine years, Megan has been training with the top leaders in the transformational and mindfulness fields, developing practices that genuinely work. A big mission for Megan has been merging the scientific therapy in with the ceremony to create intentional rituals and structures for the most effective and efficient (somatic and/or psychedelic) experiences. Her journey has allowed her to discover her purpose, which is to share these practices, modern and ancient alike, with you. Neurology and psychology came together to create the no-BS science of Positivity she now spreads. After learning and experimenting with hundreds of practices and systems, she now supports clients in connecting to their inner selves and companies in connecting with their outer community. With endless possibilities and an expanded awareness, you can have the life of your dreams too. She creates roadmaps for healing that break through barriers, cultivating balance, self-love, and most importantly, joy! Are you in?


Currently, Megan is in post-production for her self-love show "Find Your Joy," a project aimed at educating and entertaining the next generation with very authentic conversations (pitching now She is driven by a passion for empowering entertainment that informs and inspires creation in others. Her superpower is bringing people together in safe courageous spaces that foster innovation and transformation, with ease and joy. She creates conscious content across platforms while telling stories across mediums.


Megan Lee Joy invites you to join her on the joyrney to Find Your Joy, connect with your truest self, and embrace a life filled with purpose, balance, and abundance. Are you ready to unlock your full potential and create a positive impact on the world?

 Megan Joy Founder / Mindset Master