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Made by women, for women.

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    We all have something inside of us that someone else can benefit from. When so many companies ignore the female factor, Find Your Joy is embracing it. The media industry is well known for having a diversity issue. Find Your Joy is a thoughtful solution to this problem. Diversity and inclusion are core principles of our orginization. We aim to open doors for young females, while also highlighting the impressive work of their peers and the women supporting them. We will be able to share not only our stories, but the younger generations stories in hopes of advocating for and inspiring all females. Find Your Joy is multifold. It has a variety of initiatives to help young women; the first and foremost being our mindful tv-series and our educational leadership-media program. We bring in mentors as guests on the show and as educators in the program. Our company aims to create opportunities for young girls to discover and nurture their value through creation, peer-collaboration and mindfulness work.


The outcome will be an artistic platform for female voices to be acknowledged, nurtured and showcased. Not to mention

creating a whole crop of new female creatives while

supporting today’s!

    Find Your Joy offers new best friends to any girl feeling alone. Throughout the series and film-leadership program girls will be exposed to breath work, positivity training, yoga, team building exercises, financial tips, media marketing and business strategy, and a myriad of meditations and manifestation work. Also, a guiding hand into valuing themselves and feeling confidant and comfortable embodying their strength. Most importantly, young girls everywhere will have a safe space to find their joy, a safe place to find themselves. Through this series and the educational program behind it, we want girls to start learning at a young age that through collaboration and positivity, we can create MIRACLES… Not to mention a tangible creative output they can show family, friends and future employers! We can’t change the world alone, we need support and thats exactly what Find Your Joy is here for.

    We are creating a mindfulness based digital series dedicated to empowering young girls into & through their teenage years. Symbiotic with this series, we the transformative leadership program teaches young girls film production and content creation skills so they can go out into their communities as empowered leaders and digital creators. Their final work through the program will be showcased on the series! 


    Find Your Joy is a series for young ladies to empower, educate and inspire them through their maze of firsts. This sketch-comedy talk-show will act as a girls guidebook, sprinkled with thought-provoking conversation and comedy that’s inspired by letters from girls themselves! Each episode, our topical sketches and artistic sketches will promote mindfulness and build self-worth while we get REALLY-REAL with celebrity guests! As they dig into their PERSONAL experiences, their honest narratives prove we’re all in this together.


    The company’s teachings in our program and film series is rooted in mindfulness and transformational work. This will be showcased through entertainment and hands-on creation. We will be using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teachings from the amazing doctor and speaker, Jon Kabat Zinn, PhD. MBSR is one of the most studied forms of meditation in the world and is based on some core principles of Buddhism while still staying secular. In addition to meditation we will be heavily including somatic exercises and concepts based on Richard Strozzi-Heckler's, PhD, work and literature. Mind, body and soul!

    Find Your Joy has filed for Non-Profit status. Future plans include giving back to the community on a grander scale. We will be creating a curriculum for a workshop that includes Find Your Joy’s mindfulness exercises and series content (as well as a version of the team building film program) to be brought into detention centers, underprivileged schools, girl's groups, women's centers/shelter's, after school programs, summer camps, big brother/big sister programs and beyond.

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