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Build Your Self-Love Daily: Weekly Challenges

Build Your Self-Love Daily: Weekly Challenges


Your Mindful Mission, should you choose to accept it! Every week a new challenge. Every day, an opportunity to practice expansive self-love. I know how monotonous our routines can be, even our self-care ones. So, I created a variety of self-love challenges to deepen your relationship with the most important human on this planet, YOU!


Each week is rooted in the same psychology though. So while the practices stay fresh, your foundational new habit of Self-Acceptance, is being rooted in deeper with each passing week. Until BAM - Dream You, Dream Life!



9 weeks of Challenge's to be played with Daily! 


The Facts: Mindfulness is important in achieving unconditional self-acceptance. The goal of the mindful perspective is to increase cognitive flexibility and to thereby increase behavioral flexibility. Aka. Our abilities to choose and change! These exercises provide opportunities into that flexibility. At the end of this bundle of love, you will have cultivated a crackerjack ability to adapt to your environments in a meaningful manner. Out of seemingly nowhere! But really - out of self-love.

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