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If we ever hope to repair the space between "man" and "woman" we must first repair the space within ourselves (seemingly obvious, I know). Firstly, we must remember that we are all one. That simple little truth could rid the entire world of war. Oneness, wholeness, completion, LOVE. As children we are born with this knowledge, this truth. Our brains can’t even comprehend anything other than this! It’s as we get older that society teaches us through a multitude of propaganda to categorize, differentiate and exclude. We’re taught to unlearn the inherent wisdom all children are born with so we may become pleasant, subservient creatures incapable of innovation or revolt.

Eat your poison, drink your hard water (if you even have access to it) and please, for the love of democracy, WATCH REALITY TELEVISION SO YOU DON’T FOCUS ON YOUR OWN UNHAPPINESS MANUFACTURED BY THOSE IN “POWER”. K, thanks, bye...

Ok, so now that’s out of way, let’s get back to WAKING TF UP and embracing our inner child. That cute little moon baby we all came into this world as. That fearless child, who saw humans as human and lived in compassion, unlimited opportunity and unconditional love. This love for ourself and others that’s inherent to children is purposefully unlearned as we grow up in western society, but always there within our spirit.

They key to repairing the space between man and women AND ourselves is simple: we find that inner child and let them out to play! We spread love like a virus and guidance like a drug. We burn the fake news propaganda systems with our truths. With how we FEEL, in THIS MOMENT, RIGHT NOW! We tell our stories and our experiences to keep the love alive in those younger than us and reteach it in those around us. Storytelling has been a teaching tool since the beginning of time. It’s your turn to come up to the front of the class and share your story to inspire others. We all have something inside of us that someone else can benefit from.

Recently, I unpacked some old scrolls of songs I had written as a child. I say scrolls because they have all been rolled up within one another and traveled with me from house to college to Los Angeles as a gentle reminder of my passion, my voice and my pain. These songs I wrote at 13 are dramatic to say the least. The amount of water metaphors I used to describe my seemingly inescapable circumstances are terrifyingly entertaining, BUT imbued with such raw honesty. This poor child! WHY was she so inconsolable?

Because children, especially those who identify as anything other than a straight male, are not led through their developmental stages. Sometimes, at all. Don’t get me started on sexual education, but how sexual education is taught (and not taught) is a huge indicator of this as well. My solution? Create a space where we can do just that, together as one.

An an artistic platform for voices to be acknowledged, nurtured and showcased, will help. Our youth needs more spaces to congregate and express themselves without Snapchat filters or Facetune. I am taking action by creating a tv-series called Find Your Joy. We’re also starting symbiotic leadership program in order to spread the guidance that is woefully lacking for children smack in the middle of adolescence. Transformational tools for their becoming! Tools all adolescents can use for their successful transition THROUGH life’s firsts and into the most booty-kicking world-saving superheroes they can be.

Find Your Joy” inspires mindfulness, collaboration & positivity for young people's successful transition into #adulting! By way of OUR personal anecdotes and depending on our guest, professional advice. “Find Your Joy” will create a platform to showcase all perspectives, aiming to pop bubbles and open minds. We will be supporting women of all backgrounds and sexual orientations on both sides of the camera to hold a space for building confidence, community & creativity. We aim to bash diversity issues through opening doors for young females, while also highlighting the impressive work of their peers and the women supporting them. We will be able to share not only our stories, but the younger generations stories in hopes of advocating for and inspiring all humans, man, woman, and beyond.

And when I say WE, I truly mean WE. You and me baby. It takes a village. I want children to start learning at a young age that supporting one another creates MIRACLES!

To change the world we lift each other up.

Let’s create a safe space for our inner-child and our next generation of children to find their joy, a safe place to cultivate themselves. What makes “Find Your Joy” so special is that we’re old enough to have our fantastic f***ups, but still young enough to speak to an entire generation about them, and be heard. Every woman is your mother, your sister, your friend.

We are in an age of reclaiming our power for the ultimate goal of being able to reclaim our balance within, and hence our love and oneness. Closing the space between man and woman through healing the space within ourself. You are your own empire.

In the classic words of one of my favorite movies, Empire Records: “Damn the “Man”, Save the Empire!”

Don’t let society’s invisible rules and fears kill your inner child. Children our are future, is correct on so many levels. Reclaiming your own childlike wonder and cosmic truth will allow you to be able to FIND YOUR JOY! Then, we can all get together and change the world for the next generation of children, so they can find their joy far before we ever could.

Now let’s get to work, wellness warriors. Our journey through the darkness can provide the light for our young to grow gracefully and strong, with the ability to Find their Joy. How will you spread your JOY to save not only our humanity, but our world?

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