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Made by women, for women.

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    Inclusion Statement: Find Your Joy inspires mindfulness, guidance & positivity for young people's successful transition into #adulting! We have created a platform to showcase all perspectives, aiming to pop bubbles and open minds. We will be supporting humans of all backgrounds and sexual orientations on both sides of the camera as we hold a space for building confidence, community & creativity so YOU can transform your life INTO JOY.   

    Find Your Joy offers new best friends to anyone feeling alone. Throughout the series you'll will be exposed to breath work, positivity training, yoga, team building exercises, financial tips, media marketing and business strategy, and a myriad of meditations and manifestation work. Also, a guiding hand into valuing yourself and feeling confidant and comfortable embodying your strength. Most importantly, young women everywhere will have a safe space to find their joy, a safe place to find themselves. We want everyone to learn that through collaboration and positivity, you can create MIRACLES…You can’t change the world alone, we all need support and that's exactly what Find Your Joy is here for.

    We are creating a mindfulness based digital series + podcast dedicated to empowering women through their LIFE. Find Your Joy is a series for the ladies to empower, educate and inspire them through their maze of firsts. This sketch-comedy talk-show will act as a girls guidebook, sprinkled with thought-provoking conversation and comedy that’s inspired by letters from girls themselves! Each segment will have topical & artistic sketches that promote mindfulness and build self-worth. Our interviews REALLY-REAL with guests as they dig into their PERSONAL experiences. Their honest narratives prove we’re all in this together. And guess what?! YOU'RE OUR GUEST TOO! We interview men and women all over the world for Find Your Joy. Individuality & authenticity is our heartbeat, so obviously YOU get to be on the show too. Who's more relatable than you to tell your story and change lives?!


    The teachings in our series are rooted in mindfulness and transformational work. This is be showcased through entertainment and interaction. We will be using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teachings from the amazing doctor and speaker, Jon Kabat Zinn, PhD. MBSR is one of the most studied forms of meditation in the world and is based on some core principles of Buddhism while still staying secular. In addition to meditation we will be heavily including somatic exercises and concepts based on Richard Strozzi-Heckler's, PhD, work and literature. Mind, body and soul get a spa day when you Find Your Joy!

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